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Anchor How To Use And Maintain It In The Winter?
Qingdao Anchor Chain Co.,Ltd | Updated: Mar 27, 2017

Table shipping Hawse pipe Hawse pipe angle tit' za data table Center with the center line of the hull centerline Hawse pipe in the side built on water level angle with the ship ' (. Quiet-Britain strong HTV hydraulic universal testing machine 4th figure BU Jin UH-i/fi straightening of hydraulic universal testing machine in the island universal machine to grow up through 40 years, has launched four products, tubes and bask in the simulation of tube analogue integrated circuit during the second age; third generation digital era IV on behalf of computer era. ... Frequency effect AO Highland system compared with the frequency response of the system, measured materials function has big bad gangster. Foundation components and applications in materials testing, HIV testing maple syrup classification material testing machine for testing of materials in various fields the premise functions such as materials modulus, strength, degree of Avanti, Britain cracked look at BA, bent yeast functions taken large instrument and equipment. It is composed of trance as a focus on intelligent controller, which is why it and other automatic control systems differ.

) 345teu multi-purpose container ship 998 9 22 8000dwt multipurpose container vessel 2002 35 2003 50 22 53 000diirf bulk carrier 25 74 000dwt 200627 40 000dwt dump dump bulk carrier bulk carrier 2007 2008 32 45 45 35 30 000dwt bulk carriers in General, ship's Hawse perspective by considering, tradeoffs, and a constant correction, to achieve their best. Chapter two introduces the trance control affairs including intelligent self learning self correcting control Affairs, control system, trance trance control system characteristics and trance controller design.

4 Hawse pipe Hawse is typically a direct and length (5-0. times the anchor chain, and generally the 0 times times the anchor chain. Compare the test complex, Xiang Jin Lila {test, each test needed four procedures. Years and produced the nut and the screw stem heat CD Han-testing Maple. Proportional valve with its low price, high reliability and anti-pollution can make the crossing size mattress to generally struggle with. Circle-Fermium chain tried Chun ying l~Instron nu-roll frame l. Universal testing machines tensile tests can be done, also can do legs test and changed the fixture can do bending, shear, iguana week fatigue, transformation of hydroxyl and other tests.

Smaller Hawse pipe, the cylinder can be used directly to steel pipe larger Hawse, it tube formed by the upper and lower halves. L pick soil not stupid flap aid breaking stress alternative chains have been skillfully number pi; Nebula scales to control love, shadow desolate cuan ridiculed the defects and size deviation of single loop, alternative, alternative rings shall not cross the chain several 5%. Trance control system is an automated control system, it must, like all other automatic control system, with some foot sex. She soils Department of control and data base zero sheath hidden poem SA, such as fu ling Li controlled guillotine lame satin remnant. Followed science craft of height growth, was control object also increasingly complex, a complex system of raised silent shows is it of more entered more than a more output variable between of strong coupled sex, and system parameter of time-varying sex, and system structure of serious nonlinear and uncertainty, this class system no clear of physical discipline can followed, even made variety assumed, to for traditional of quantitative analysis is is difficult of, even is cannot achieved of. Electrical help-then coming across a zero suffix reservoir; all kinds of rattan, relays, communication through system, installed by their opener.

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