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Anchor Chain Sign
Qingdao Anchor Chain Co.,Ltd | Updated: Feb 23, 2018

An anchor chain mark is a mark on the link ring connecting the link (or connecting shackle) and its vicinity indicating the number of anchor chains. To be in throwing, anchor time to understand and grasp the length of the anchor chain on board or in the water.

Chain links with connecting links are usually marked as follows (as shown in Figure 8):

Said the first section: before and after the connecting link between the first and second section of the first link around the wire cross the wire (or white steel ring), and the two chains painted white waterline paint, connect Chain painted red paint.

Said Section II: Between the second section and the third section before and after the connecting link around the second link around the wire (or white steel ring), and in the link between the two links Coated white water line paint, connecting chain painted red paint.

The sections that mark sections 3 through 5, and so on.

Starting from the sixth section, repeat the first section to the fifth section of the method of marking.

The last two sections can be marked with a red or yellow lacquer as a warning of a danger indicating that the chain will be loosened to the end to warn of dropping the anchor. In order to understand the anchor anchor has entered the anchor chain tube and has been placed in place of the mark, usually when the anchor is received in place corresponding to the sprocket or chain stopper at some of the links painted white paint.

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