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Teaches you how to choose the anchor chain
Qingdao Anchor Chain Co.,Ltd | Updated: Mar 27, 2017

Anchorage options: Anchorage options good or bad, will affect directly anchored to the effectiveness and the safety of the ship. Should take into account the following aspects:

1, meteorological conditions: pleasant to hear the local weather report, pay attention to weather changes select according to the wind direction, wind weather in Anchorage, to protect you from the wind and waves to attack. Especially during the typhoon season, which should be noted.

2, water depth and substrate conditions: easy to select the current is not too strong, no reflux, flower water phenomenon, relatively flat seabed areas. According to the ship's draught should be able to select the appropriate depth, shall be not less than twice times the draft in General. Sediment will directly influence the anchor holding power, grip the best is clay, sand followed. Seabed slope or sediment greatly to gravel, small stones, shells, rocks and other areas with poor grip, and generally not suitable for mooring, depths greater than 70.1-meter are not suitable for mooring, anchor due to may not easily be wind.

3, the surrounding environment. Anchorage should be enough for the convenience and control of ship at anchor and anchor, and try not to interfere with his ships, should have no reefs, shallows around it. Haven should have suitable land or islands for shelter. Anchorage to the open sea, wind blowing in from the coast to the sea should be selected, mooring smaller risk. Because the wind does not swell, in case when the anchor, the ship was blown out to sea, instead the ship was blown inshore.

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