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Classification and composition of the anchor chain
Qingdao Anchor Chain Co.,Ltd | Updated: Mar 27, 2017

Chain is the connection between anchor and hull chain, used to deliver and buffer forces on the ship.

1. chain classification and characteristics

The chain can be categorized in several ways, but mainly include the following:

1) according to the chain-link structure

Anchor chain by link structure different, can be divided into chains and chain two. In sizes and materials similarly case, chain of strength than a chain by 20%, and has the advantages of small deformation, piled up when wrench, so widely used in ships, without chain is typically only used for boats.

2) classification by manufacturing method of link

Chain link different manufacturing methods can be divided into three welding and forging chain, cast steel anchor chains anchor chains.

Welded anchor chains round steel mills use authorised by the CCS materials welded together. With advanced technology, simple, low cost, quality over other species characteristic of anchor chain, is widely used in ships chain locker.

Steel anchor chain steel mills use authorised by the CCS eligible cast into molten steel. With high strength, good rigidity, spacer will not become loose and long life and other advantages, disadvantage is the high manufacturing cost, bad cable resistance to shock loading.

Forging chain because of its complicated technology, high cost, so merchant ships has basically no.

3) classified according to nominal tensile strength of anchor chain

According to the nominal tensile strength of anchor chain the size of, into AM1, AM2, AM3 three levels. Smallest AM1 chain, AM3 chain strength.

4) classified by anchor links work

Anchor links work according to the different divided into ordinary links, connecting links, more links, swivels, anchor shackle and end links, and so on.

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