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Advantages and disadvantages of anchorage chain and anchorage cable
Qingdao Anchor Chain Co.,Ltd | Updated: Mar 02, 2018

First, The meaning of anchor Anchor (Anchor), refers to the configuration is located on both sides of the bow (some at the stern also set) after the water can catch the bottom, and through the anchor or anchor and the ship or other floating mooring at a certain A water area equipment.

Second, the main anchor anchor The use of cast steel or forged steel, with a specific shape. Anchor mainly by the anchor shackle (or anchor ring), anchor dry, anchor head, anchor arm and anchor several other components. The types of anchors Hall anchor (also known as Shan word anchor), Navy anchor, Danfoss anchor. Anchors are subject to inspection by the ship inspection department before use. The role of the anchor is the degree of anchoring important ship attachments.

Third, the meaning and structural characteristics of the chain Anchor chain (Chain cable; Anchor Cable), is used to connect the anchor and the hull of the chain. It is made up of many links and the size is expressed in terms of chain length (mm). According to whether the middle of the chain file stalls, there is a file anchor key and no chain anchor. Sky Shunda chain available forging, casting and welding methods made. Marine anchor chain by a number of "festival" (shackle), each section length 25.0 ~ 27.5 meters, links between sections and links or shackles. After the anchor is twisted up, the anchor chain is stored in the chain locker at the bow. Anchor chain specifications, calculated in accordance with the ship construction specifications.

Four, the main content of the anchor equipment Anchor equipment (Equipment of Anchor), refers to the anchor, anchor chain, anchor windlass, anchor chain cabin and ancillary equipment. It consists of anchor, anchor chain, chain hoist, chain making machine, windlass or winch, chain pipe, chain lock cabin and so on. The strength of the ship depends on the grasping force of the anchor and the weight of the anchor chain to withstand the force of waves and waves to ensure the safety of the ship's anchoring. Anchor equipment can also assist the ship to operate, for example, the ship by the terminal, U-turn, avoid collision, desalination and other operations often use it to complete the task.

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